3.7.15 Shedule

3.7.15 Shedule

3.7.15 TMI Weekly Update and Schedule

Our two screens are done and ready to rock! This means we are tackling the backlog of panels that have piled up here - Heres what we are expecting for this week

Monday - Finished Turing Machine panels - (....and we sold out in the first day)

Tuesday - Warps, Branches & Rings PCBs arrive! Screenprinting Tides & Orgone Accumulator v2 retail panels. (Orgone wont be released until Im able to test panel on a commercial unit which should be arriving this week) Gathering art for Clouds, SMR & shelves. Maybe launching our storefront?

Wednesday - Releasing a Turing machine into the wild. Picking up panels for Warps, Branches, Yarns, Peaks, Rings, links, shades, Anushri and others. These will need to be powdercoated and processed so it could be a few weeks for some of them. We will be announcing which ones we tackle each week in our updates.

Thursday - Dare I hope to finish the first round of SMR redesigns? Is that a second fully built Turing Machine I see in the hazy future?

Friday - Screenprinting Shelves, Clouds, SMR, &VCAM

Saturday - Cartoons.