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Hippie Watching Guide Volume 3

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    This is a pre order for the FINAL run of the hippie watching guides. They should ship within 3 weeks and when they sell out that's it.


    Volume 3! People ask if I ever run out of content, and the sad truth is that the more you document hippie sub-culture the bigger the to-do list becomes. This issue attests to that... hell... we we couldn't even settle on less than 24 different sub-categorizations of haters.

    • Migratory Patterns
    • The Ceremony Master
    • The Vendor
    • The Lurker
    • Lot Rats
    • Gypsters
    • Festival Dogs
    • 24 types of Haters
    • The K Chud
    • Environements: Food Stores and Cooperatives
    • Life Tourist
    • The Tea Master
    • Neotribal Imperialist
    • Visionary Art Groupie
    • Small Time Grower
    • Way Too Intense Guy
    • The tripper
    • New age Cougar
    • Closet Hippie
    • Eternal Optimist
    • Hippie Mad Lib Apologies