NonLinear Circuits

NLC - Bongo Fury

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Magpie Modular repanel for Non Linear Circuits - Bongo fury

A triple version of the Bong0, one of those simple modules that pumps out way more character than it should.

The sections can be controlled by signals on trigger or the CV inputs, or, best of all, both. At some settings they will self-oscillate and are great for rubbery bass-y sounds.

The circuits are common twin-T driven oscillators, the LEDs work as nonlinear resistors in one section of the twin-T circuit.

One mod these have from the single version is provision for placing zener diodes to limit the outputs to +/-5V. I do like the untethered nature of the original but sometimes the output hits +/-10V which might make things get out of hand downstream in your patch. If ordering an assembled module, the upper two sections will have the zeners, the bottom section will be allowed to run wild.