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From NonLinear Circuits website:

This module is supposed to be a phase shifter, but is so badly designed that it spits, sh!ts and burps all over the place. It can even do it without even using any CV signal.

As has been noted, I have been on a bit of a tour of phase shifters. There are two that have long intrigued me; the Steiner Phaser, which uses diode strings as variable resistors – a method also seen in the well-known Steiner filter and in some old 70s compressors. The other is the Lovetone Doppelganger, which is a typical 4 stage LDR based phaser, except the filter capacitors increase for each stage, so 4.7n, 10n, 22n and 47n. Also it had two modulating inputs, one for stages 1-2 and the second for stages 2-4. Furthermore, it just used LEDs and LDRs mounted on the PCB with no isolation, so there was some interaction between the stages.