Mutable Instruments PCBs

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Mutable Instruments PCBs

These are white backed ENIG Gold plated PCB manufactured by elecrow. See below for resources and associated panels for each PCB.

Please be advised: This board is 0603 SMT components and thus not suitable for beginners. If you would like a good introduction to the sDIY world we recommend a simpler through-hole kit such as the Mikrophonie and working up in complexity from there.

Before purchasing be ensure you are comfortable with setting up the development environment needed to compile the firmware and flash these units and understand the basic flow of working on microprocessor based builds. That said: The point of providing these boards is that learning to work SMT is not an insurmountable task and with proper research, practice and steady hands you might actually prefer it. (or not)

If you are interested in a simple SMT build in which to start we recommend something analog with a small part count, such as a Links or Shades. Working up from there Branches is a nice easy introduction into microprocessors and then I find all the others about the same.

Support is not available through us nor Mutable Instruments nor the Mutable Instruments forums, please respect their wishes to not want to answer any questions regarding DIY builds and leave them to continue doing what they do best.

However, there is a wealth of information on the usual sDIY watering holes including muffwiggler DIY Tech forum, Facebook sDIY groups.


EEV Blog Surface Mount Soldering Tutorial [1] [2] [3]

John Pallister has created a useful Mutable Instruments resource sheet. Thank you!

Mutable Instruments Spreadsheet

Compiling firmware on Mac:

Mutable Instruments Github:

ControlLeo2 - Simple Reflow Oven


Blinds v.6 [Magpie Panel]

Braids v.2 [Raw Panel] [Magpie Panel]

Branches v4 [Raw Panel] [Magpie Panel]

Clouds [Raw Panel] [Magpie Panel]

Elements [Raw Panel] [Magpie Panel]

Frames [Raw Panel] [Magpie Panel]

Grids [Raw Panel] [Magpie Panel]

Kinks v4 [Raw Panel] [Finished Panel]

Links v4 [Raw Panel] [Finished Panel]

Tides [Raw Panel] [Finished Panel]

Rings[Finished Panel]

Shades [Raw Panel] [Finished Panel]

Warps [Raw Panel] [Finished Panel]


Original PCB file and original design elements provided by Mutable Instruments under creative commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 license.