[0018] Hyperspace Construction Sentry

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Two tone plot using a super fat 1.2mm tip for a yellow accent and a .6mm tip for the india ink. 


Curioids are a limited edition collection of plotter drawn curios from n-Dimensional space. Since they are the result of my everyday art practice The plots are done in extremely limited quantities (usually 2)  and one of them goes into my personal collection. Once its sold out, it's sold out. These will not be reprinted in this format.

I plan on releasing batches of these several times a month - to be announced on the Curioid.Arkhiv instagram 

Each plot comes bagged in a crystal clear bag with foldover adhesive flap and a backing board with an information sticker with catalog #, signature and field notes on the back.

Paper: 8x8” Bristol 300 Smooth
Pen: Rapidograph with .4mm Tungsten plotter point
Ink: p.h. Martins Hi Carbon India Ink
Plotter: axidraw A3/V3

Shipping Please Read:

I package these well when shipping most often in very rigid cardboard mailers. I do ship internationally, however due to the messiness of international shipping lately I can no longer afford to cover the costs of packages that never arrive. Sorry.  If the piece arrives damaged I will plot you a replacement if you cover the shipping.