[0034] HyperHall

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Edition of 2

Paper: 8x8” Bristol 300 Smooth
Pen: Rapidograph with .30mm plotter point
Ink: p.h. Martins Hi Carbon India Ink
Plotter: axidraw A3/V3
Release Date: 5/10/21 

Each plot comes bagged in a crystal clear bag with foldover adhesive flap and a backing board with a catalog sticker, info and artist signature on the back

I plan on releasing batches of these several times a month - to be announced on my Instagram @krisnorthern. Aleatoric Cartography provided by the rayTK raymarching library inside TouchDesigner.

Shipping Please Read:

I package these well when shipping most often in very rigid cardboard mailers. I do ship internationally, however due to the messiness of international shipping lately I can no longer afford to cover the costs of packages that never arrive. If the piece arrives damaged I will plot you a replacement if you cover the shipping.