[0058] Anastasia

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Edition: unlimited
Paper: 8x8” Bristol 300 Smooth
Pen: Rapidograph with .30mm plotter point
Ink: p.h. Martins Hi-Carbon India Ink
Plotter: Axidraw A3/V3
Software: RayTk raymarching library inside touchDesigner
Generator Ver: neXgen
Release date: 7.23.2022

What are Curioids?

Short Answer: They are plotter drawn curios from nDimensional space.

Long Answer: As a way to share and organise my Everyday art practice I created an imaginary department that specializes in surveying and cataloging interesting objects found in multi-dimensional space (referred to as n-Dimensional or nSpace).  They are plotter drawn (basically, a computer controlled robotic drawing arm) using old school Rapidograph technical pens and india ink.

Some of these plots can take up to 12 hours to complete so most runs are intentionally limited to 2. One for my catalog and one for the public.

Each plot comes bagged in a crystal clear bag with foldover adhesive flap and a field report on a backing board with artist signature on the back. 

I release these plots in batches as they are worked on - follow the progress on my Instagram @krisnorthern or the Curioid Archive

Shipping Please Read:

I package these well when shipping most often in very rigid cardboard mailers. I do ship internationally, however due to the messiness of international shipping lately I can no longer afford to cover the costs of packages that never arrive. HOWEVER, If the piece arrives damaged, or never arrives.... I will plot you a replacement if you cover the shipping.