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Bastl - Black Knit Rider Expanded Ltd. Ed.

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Magpie Modular Repanel : Bastl - Black Knit Rider Expanded Ltd. Ed.

THIS PRODUCT HAS A MISPRINT AND DISCOUNTED ACCORDINGLY: Voice Steps printed twice in place of Pattern Steps.


(longest name ever!?)

This one conjures up memories of Hasselhoff, a legendary talking car, and his bitchin' Members Only jacket!

While we absolutely love and adore the Bastl aesthetic we definitely found that the variance in wood grain and printing left a number of the more detailed and complicated panels a bit difficult to read. Granted, since we followed their layout and there is a ton of information in a very small place, we can't promise to have solved this problem, but we tried out best.

Please note that we will not be making any separate expander panels for these. Your options are the basic Knit Rider panel which combines the two panels this unit ships with into one or the Knit Rider Expanded which combines the previously mentioned two with the expander into a single panel.