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NLC - Encephalo Adjustor

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Magpie Modular repanel for Non Linear Circuits - Encephalo Adjuster

This module is a 24 stage phase shifter using LDRs in a black box. It is a little more complex to build than usual but most of the build is repetitious and not so difficult. I have added plenty of pics in this guide to help with the build.

Probably the unusual feature is the positive and negative feedback path. Feedback is 0 when the Regen pot is in the middle, turn it to the left for negative feedback, to the right for positive, or use CV to do the job for you. It will self-oscillate at the extremes.

It is probably obvious at this point that I have a thing for phasers. 24 stages are somewhat ridiculous but I wanted to try it and the result is a very nice smooth phaser with some angry bits when you push it. The name comes from a mind control device that appears in a few AE Van Vogt novels, I have been itching to use it for years.

The trimpot on the top PCB sets the operating range for the Phase pot. Set it to remove any dead zones at the extremes.

Black/gold panels are available for this module.