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Music Thing Modular: Raw Panel

Want to roll your own design?

Radio Music Panel:

1/16" Sandblasted Polished Steel face plate. A raw mirror polished steel panel which comes with protective plastic on it from when it was laser cut. The plastic needs to be removed and then the adhesive gunk that was burned onto the mirrored surface needs to be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol or a solvent like acetone.


Turing Machine: 1/16" Aluminum panel. Straight forward and Raw like Eddie Murphy.


This is not a commercially produced module however you can likely find a builder on this Muffwiggler thread.

We also offer PCBs for this project as well.


Music Thing Modular website

Some of the parts Needed for the Bom

The Best price I've found on Teensy 3.1 controllers

Muffwiggler Project Thread


Radio Music is Open Hardware
All hardware and software design in this project is Creative Commons licensed by Tom Whitwell: CC-BY-SA: Attribution / ShareAlike

Our additions to this project include the artwork, cut lines and sandblast resist pattern are available here by Kris Northern: CC-BY-SA: Attribution / ShareAlike

This project includes work from the Teensy project, which is not covered by this license.