NonLinear Circuits


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Magpie Modular repanel for Non Linear Circuits - Norio-ze

This module uses the same blackbox technique as the Shat-noir Phaser. The VCF is based on the Steiner diode VCF but this one uses LDRs rather than diodes and a CV control system to suit. The nice thing about this filter is you can feed different signals to the LP, BP & HP inputs then surf between them with your CV, quite different from regular filters. The VCA is really there to use up a spare op amp and is based on the Korg PS3100 VCA, works very well for what it is. Noiro-ze is Japanese slang for neurosis.

Andrews work at NLC is some of our favorite in the sDIY world.  NLC are designed with non linear mathematics concepts in module form allowing you to play with chaos directly.

Inspired by the Arp 1050 mix sequencer, without the VCO and push button functions. It is an 8 step sequencer, two 4 step sequencers, an 8 input mixer, 8 stage sequential switch, two 4 stage sequential switches and there is also a difference rectifier giving the +ve and -ve difference between stages 1-4 and 5-8.