NonLinear Circuits


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Magpie Modular repanel for Non Linear Circuits- Wangernumb

"Wangernumb is 3 modules in one...or 4"

If you use the Track input, the phase lock loop acts as a frequency tracker. The VCO Range CV input and filter pot will determine how well, or more accurately, how poorly it will track. You also get 12 divisions of the tracking signal, right down to divide by 4096. If you use the Roulette input, it will generate semi-random selections of outputs when the input signal is high....or it is a burst generator and you can control the frequency of the bursts with the VCO CV input. If you use the Divide input, you have a 12 stage clock divider, down to 1/4096. In this case you can use the PLL tracker section as a separate and independent module and just get it to generate squelchy, burpy noises.