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Another variation on a theme from Andrew over at NLC mixing some of the elements from classic modules in novel new ways and feedback schemas. I like this module a lot for cross modulating CV and creating a sputtering mess of things. The artwork features neurons in the back and my best attempts at visually highlighting the routing of this module.

Comes in a variety of colorways.


From NLC:

GEneralized Nonlinear Extrapolator This module is made of 3 neuron circuits and a difference rectifier. The neuron outputs are fed to the switching pins of the next neuron’s attenuated input; 1>2, 2>3, 3>1. This means the circuit will work with a single input signal, delivering all kinds of mayhem at the outputs. There are also 4 shared inputs so that the same signals can be fed to neurons 1&2 and neurons 2&3. The Difference Rectifier compares the outputs of neurons 1&3 to the output of neuron 2. If you want to use the neurons individually then turn down the input pots or use the upper neuron specific inputs to disconnect the signals coming from its neighbour. Just like a set of synaptically connected neurons, this module is noisy and unruly. It is never going to learn anything it lives in and for the moment. It can be used to process audio, CV or audio and CV……do whatever you like to it. The name is from the computer described in the 1964 Keith Laumer novel – The Great Time Machine Hoax, although this module differs in ability (can’t time travel or get married ….. afaik), the name is quite suitable.

You can get all the info about this module here